Monday, 31 March 2008

No sleep, worried sick

Now I know that I shouldn't worry, but I do. I worry about stupid things all the time. I also have a vivid imagination which makes it worse as I always imaging really bad things happening to my loved ones when I don't know they are safe.

Jon is missing... well not really missing. He just isn't home yet from the BJC. Everyone else is home. They have all been talking to me on MSN asking "Is Jon home yet?" Now there is a chance Jon and Nick went off after the BJC to see a friend, as this was discussed before setting off, but I'm not sure. Jon's phone just tells me he can't receive calls, so now all I have left are images in my head of Nick and Jon in an up turned car in a ditch somewhere.

This is stupid I know, but the image is so strong that I didn't sleep all night and now in my tired state I'm unable to think very rationally and I'm panicking.

Knowing Jon he's stroll through the door later without a worry in the world, not even realising he has stressed the hell out of me. If his phone is dead does he not know he can use landlines to tell me he is ok? Arrrgggghhhhhh! MEN!

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