Monday, 26 November 2007

Blankets and Sheep

I've listed a few new items in my etsy shop and I'm trying a new item as of today. I've made a blanket for the Pirate Pixies to keep them warm in their bunks as they sleep.

I'm a little worried that some people might think that black is a bad colour for babies, so it really is just a testing of the waters. I going to make a few up in different colours so if that is the case they will have something other than black to choose from, but getting skull and crossbones fleece in any other than black with another colour is quite hard. I'm sure I'll get around this some other way. Maybe appliquéing the skulls in felt onto other colour fleeces would work...

I've also added a few more hats. My favourites being this orange and purple/blue skullcap

And this cute little new born Christmas Pirate Pixie hat in red and green

I'm working on another commission hat and should have it finished in a few days. Things are on and off busy, so that's good. I'm hoping my health will improve so I can socialize a bit more. Being stuck in the house most of the time is not good for morale.

I hope life is treating you well dear reader!

Time to get back to creating hats.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Distractions from work.

Today I made a treasury on etsy when I was supposed to be making hats. Naughty me!

I love making hats, scarves and bags, but today I just had the urge to surf peoples shops and see what goodies I could find and as a treasury came up at the same time I grabbed it and put some of the great items I found into it. My favourite item of all of them is the felted purse by opheliafelt. I love the bright colours and I have a bit of a fibre fetish anyway! Not that any of you would have guessed!

Right, I have the urge to create again now. Wool and crochet hook here I come! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Have a great day dear reader.

Monday, 19 November 2007

Saturday, 17 November 2007



Today is not being kind to me.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

All or Nothing

This last few weeks have been a bit of a roller-coaster ride as far as business has been concerned. For ages I had no orders, which was really getting me down. I was starting to believe that maybe only I loved the stuff I make and that trying to sell them on line was a waste of time. I became so blue about it that I was honestly thinking about shutting up shop on etsy. I knew no matter what I'd keep on making my hats, because I just love doing it, but I did think that I might end up just stock piling them until next years festival season started, when I could book stalls in craft markets and sell them face to face.

Selling things you love is so much easier face to face, because the customer gets to see just how much you enthuse about each item and how much care and attention to detail that you have taken. Selling on line is so much more impersonal. I try my hardest to convey just how wonderful I think my hats are, but I'm not sure the message really gets through. When all you have is text to express your enthusiasm I think you have to be a great word smith, and I'm not. I need the body language and the eye to eye contact.

I'm not going to shut down the shop. There are some orders coming in now and I have a repeat customer who wrote me a really lovely message telling me that she adored the first hat so much, could I make her another special one. I could tell that she got exactly what I loved about making my hats and it revived me and left me thinking I wasn't the only one that understood my passion. Thank Mother earth there are some wonderful people out there that take the time to make others feel good about themselves.

Orders have picked up at Hyperloop Hoops again this week. I thought we would get into a winter slump around now, but it seems the good old British public still want to get their wiggle on in the winter too. Yippeee! I love hoops!

I best get back to making things I love, and get these orders in the post.

Have a great day dear reader and fly solo with your passions if you have to. Someday someone will come along that understands your passion too!

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Strange Hobbies and Secret Desires

I have a few hobbies that some would call strange. I spin poi, both sock and fire. I hula hoop and juggle. I love nothing better than to wake up in a tent in a field full of like minded people and spend the day spinning and wiggling and having fun. Even when I'm at my sickest I will lay in bed and visualize moves I can do, or want to be able to do with my hoops and poi.

Poi have caused a big change in my life. Before I took up spinning them I'd been sick for a long time and had lost most of my social life because of it. I saw someone spin poi at a Womad Festival and decided to have a go. I found I could do a few basic moves, but I wanted more. I went in search of help on the net and found Home of Poi, a brilliant website, with an amazing community of poi and staff spinners that were friendly and only too pleased to help me learn. From that moment my life changed in a huge way. I found a massive group of people, of all ages and backgrounds, that I feel I fitted in with, a hobby that slowly helped me to grow stronger again and a partner that has moved in with me, who has shown me love and support way beyond anything I deserve. How he puts up with me I'll never know.

Two years ago I was reintroduced to hula hoops, by the lovely Molly, whom I met on Home of Poi. It was on a trip to Ireland with a whole group of people from HoP. I just fell in love with hula hoops right away and now I make hoops for others to enjoy. Hula hoops have some kind of magical power to make people smile. Wherever I go with my hoops I see people smiling. People are always coming over to chat and ask about the hoops and asking if they can have a try. I've never seen anyone ever walk away from hooping without a huge smile on their face. I love spreading the love of the wiggle!

I'm not all that good at getting myself filmed doing either poi spinning or hooping, but I'll link a couple of films of people doing both so you can get an idea about what they are if you have never seen either.

This is an amazing hooper from America Spiral. Not the greatest quality video but she has some great moves going on!

This is a great friend of mine and Jons, Dave. He is a really great poi spinner and we love him dearly.

I have a not so secret desire to be as good or better than either of them... I think it might take me a very long time and a lot of practice!